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The Perks of Using Coconut Sugar in Australia

A good look at organic coconut sugar

Organic coconut sugar in Australia is touted as the best and most sustainable type of sweetener in the world and for good reasons. It is highly recommended by doctors and many health icons like Dr. Mehmet Oz who promoted the use of coconut sugar as a health and dietary regimen. Since then organic coconut sugar has become a popular sight in grocery stores and healthy food options all over the world. How exactly is this so?

Why buy coconut sugar in Australia?

Now the use of coconut sugar isn’t actually new and it has been around for thousands of years (6,000 years or so). It is widely recognised to possess traditional medicinal properties in many countries throughout Asia and has been a staple ingredient in their diet for generations. It’s only recently that coconut sugar benefits have started to gain much attention as a sustainable and healthier alternative to most commercially available sweeteners in the market.

What exactly are these benefits?


This particular type of sugar is sourced from coconut trees that can grow practically anywhere in the tropics and demand very little in terms of care. As a sugar resource, coconut is also at least 50 percent more productive compared to sugar cane and uses a fraction of the nutrients found in the soil. As a result, coconut sugar can be harvested quickly and much more frequently compared to other types of sugar. It’s cheaper too; all the more reason to switch to the production and use of coconut sugar

Health benefits

Of course this is where coconut sugar is truly recognised; unlike most other sweeteners in the market, it has relatively low levels of glycemic. This helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels in the body which is extremely beneficial to people with a wide range of health problems like obesity, cardiovascular diseases and of course diabetes just to mention a few.

To give you an idea of how coconut sugar compares with most other sweeteners in the market, the latter has a GI (Glycemic Index) of 35 while can sugar and honey have a GI of 68 and 55 respectively.

Yet another health benefit towards the use of coconut sugar is that it is rich in many essential nutrients like magnesium, iron and potassium as well as vitamin C and B complex. Granted it has a different taste which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many prefer it’s rich caramel taste over white and brown sugar.

So there you have it – a few perfectly good reasons to make the switch to coconut sugar! Looking to get started? Perhaps you’ve got a few more questions of your own or wondering about where to buy coconut sugar? Well check out the website “Love Thyself” and get all the help you need when it comes to switching to coconut sugar in Australia!

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