About Maki

about maki

Maki Maodus, an aesthetician,  herbalist and educator has worked in the natural skin and body care industry for over a decade. Her passion for skincare ignited at a young age when she had her own trials with acne while still at home in Belgrade, Serbia. With her European skincare training on biodynamically grown herbs,  flowers and plants,  she starting mixing homeopathic remedies in her own kitchen. In 2003 she started working at the world famous Ole Henriksen Face and Body Spa in West Hollywood,  California,  and today is facialist to some of the most well known faces in Hollywood.

In 2006 she co-founded the Mambino Organics brand of skin and body care products featuring simple plant-based,  certified organic ingredients. Her philosophy is founded on the premise that scent,  texture and marketing claims will not change your skin but live,  raw ingredients will. She sources raw,  environmentally sustainable ingredients of the highest quality directly from family owned organic and fair trade farms in various parts of the world;  from countries such as Madagascar,  Tahiti,  Peru,  Italy,  Hungary and Bulgaria.

She was one of the first few companies to introduce to the U.S. market a line of holistic and 100% natural and organic products for expecting mums. Her approach,  based on holistic and naturopathic principles,  challenges some of society’s fundamental beliefs relating to what is truly natural. At the time,  truly natural products like this didn’t exist. Most ‘natural’ products were either filled with ‘fake’  natural ingredients,  preserved with parabens,  contaminated with synthetic chemicals,  petroleum products or had as a sudsing agent,  the ever-present sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. ‘Green’  or sustainable chemistry was in its infancy and there wasn’t the selection of alternative or green ingredients that there are today.

Today,  Mambino Organics has become a well known and respected brand for its high quality,  unique and luxurious formulations and their unparalleled ability to make a positive change to the skin. The key to Mambino Organics effectiveness and great success is its active ingredients and the way they are combined and processed. Mambino Organics products are distributed through apothecaries,  natural food stores,  spas and naturopathic clinics in North America,  the Ukraine,  Switzerland,  Ireland,  the UK,  Australia,  New Zealand and the Far East. Her company is based in Los Angeles,  California where she lives with her husband and partner,  Andy. She has made TV appearances on shows like ABC’s Extreme Makeover,  and on Networks such as MTV UK and Telemundo to name a few. Click here to read Katy Perry Los Angeles Times interview. Click here to read Katy Perry and UK Glamour Magazine interview!